Buying a Used or New Car in Tokyo japan


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What is the all in price?

When arriving in Tokyo or other areas of japan you may be wanting to buy a used car. Be ready for the advertised price not to be the final price. Depending on the length of registration, taxes, dealer fees etc there could be as much as 400,000 yen extra on top of the listed price to get the car ready for the road.

When we supply a car I give you the all in price with no surprises. The only extra is the private insurance, and I can help with getting a quote for insurance as well.

Also included in our service is a translation assistance service. At any time you are in a situation where you need immediate translation Mick Lay is available (depends on the time of day/night) to help with translations on the spot via phone. Persons who buy or lease their cars from Mick Lay Motors can use this service free of charge. Comes in handy when gas stand attendant is trying to sell you something but you are not sure what they are saying (and or if it is necessary), at the scene of an accident when you are trying to communicate with the other party and or the police.

This service will make your car life a lot easier.

Talk direct with Mick about your next purchase or sale, repair needs etc - call direct on Japan 090-3805-7141 See www.MickLay.com for more details. Email: cars@MickLay.com

by Mick Lay

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