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Kanto Adventures

Japan is a country rife with mountains, forests, and unusual curious terrain. Who hasn't wanted to get out and explore it all? Whether your're experienced in hiking trails and combing the wilderness or completely with a yen to try, I highly recommend you let Kanto Adventures show you how.

Kanto Adventures brings a team of professional administrative staff and trip leaders to ensure a successful outdoor adventure experience for all participants. At least one leader on each trip is required to have advanced Wilderness First Aid, or Wilderness First Responder (for trips that are two hours or more away from medical care). All other trip leaders must, minimally, carry First Aid and CPR certifications. Trip leaders are also required to participate in on-going risk management training, as well as continual training opportunities to improve teaching and leadership skills.

As professionals in outdoor recreation, Kanto Advenutre focus on the following goals: safety, skill development, environmental awareness and appreciation of Japan's natural wonders, accessible recreation for people of all abilities, and outdoor fun for everyone!

Yearly Adventures

Kanto Adventures operates yearly, you can check out their calendar here:


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Kanto Adventures offers a variety of special Mt. Fuji climbing programs, included private guided tours. Registering for one of their hikes or climbs is as easy as filling out a form and hitting "Enter" - they accept credit card payment, bank transfers, even PayPal payments!

Simply the Best in Outdoor Adventure

Spending the day or days with Kanto Adventure will not only let you experience Japan in a way very few will ever do, it will also leave you with a memory to last a lifetime. I can honestly think of no better group of people to trust to scale mountains and hike across the wilderness with, but don't let the sound of danger or fear of the unknown put you off, Kanto Adventure offers at least five levels of hiking, from easy (no experience needed) to difficult (Mountain boots. Strong fitness level. A lot of exposed hiking experiences. Easy rock climbing skills. May require an ice axe and or crampons).

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