LiveYell Wedding Hall and My Experience in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan

I saw the Chapel name, and realized that Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture was special.

In Yamaguchi Prefecture for the first time, I arrived by Bullet Train for to speak to local business, military and government leaders about my book “33 More Reasons to be Proud”.

My speech was held at a Wedding Hall called “LiveYell”. While I sipped hot coffee in the waiting room, I chuckled to myself about how I found the Wedding Hall name quite appropriate for married life. I wondered who may have thought of the name and what process they went through to have the name approved and then so delicately etched into the front door’s glass entrance? I don't think any native English speaker was involved in the process, but then again, why should a native speaker have a say? This is Japan and Japan can do it their way. I am here not to change things that are already in place but to appreciate all the effort and results so far and then maybe to offer my input on how to take things forward. Japan has come through a lot and I am awed by the innovative spirit, sense of teamwork and attention to detail that I encounter each and every day.

If only the bouquet displayed in the foyer could tell me about the romance here in this place.

I imagine a mother’s tears of joy, a daughters glowing happiness, a groom’s strong footstep drenched into the walls and floor. I think ahead to the day when my children might marry and I know I will share those same feelings. Isnt it amazing how certain emotions are common to us all? Love, joy and courage span culture, language and geographical borders. I appreciate that truth here in LiveYell. those tears, words of love and tender thoughts drenched the floors and walls with good will and hope. I liked this place. I had a similar sense, a sense of the history of the place, when I saw the famous Kintai Kyo bridge spanning the width of a aquamarine Nishiki river after we left LiveYell and headed back to the Iwakuni airport.

So much more ahead for this quiet little Wedding Hall. If the walls could actually speak I am sure they would say Japan's future is bright and shining!

by RuthieJ

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