Horseback riding at the foot of Mt Fuji

Horseback riding is not that difficult

What's your plan for the next weekend ?
If not decided, how about horseback riding ?
No, it's not that difficult nor scary experience at all as you might imagine.

They can even take the first time riders out for trekking on horses!
After learning basic control, how to go forward, turn left or right, stop, you'll have the full control on your horse.

Feeling the warmth of horses, hearing them breathe, your body swinging to their legs move....all these make you really relaxing! They often receive first time riders, too. After a short basic lesson to control the horses, you're now out to the nature on the horse !

There are lots of horse ranches throughout Japan, usually in the countryside, but some of them are conveniently located close to Tokyo so you can reach there in two hours or so (by bus or train). In the mountains, on the beaches, across the rice fields.....many places offer the rides in short trekking to enjoy the nature landscape.

Japanese ponies

One of my favorite ranches is called, 'Koyodai Kiso Uma Bokujo'.
Kiso Uma is a native Japanese pony kind. They are small and adorable but they can take adults up to 80kg weight. Also smart, calm, and good at climbing the mountains. There are other places around Lake Kawaguchi where you can do the horseback riding but you can only find Kiso Uma here.

They have some ride-out menus;
first time riders, short ride for half an hour ; 4000yen
experienced riders, including trot / canter, lake view, forest route ; 10000yen


Unfortunately they don't speak much English so please let me know if you're interested! Please also visit my tour website at ;


Happy riding!
Zara [sara]

by Zara

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