Magical Cat Bus Ride to the Airport (3 of 3)

30 minutes or less

So now you know what YCAT is and why you should use them.

You even know how to!

Now we’ll look at a few things you can do while you’re waiting for your bus to leave the YCAT station.

YCAT has three separate lobbies. Number two and three are quite spacious and have places to sit, vending machines with cold and hot drinks, as well as baggage storage lockers that cost between ¥300 and ¥600, and a baggage storage service desk where you can leave your bags for ¥720 for the day. YCAT’s main lobby, number one, not only serves as their ticket counter, but also has a foreign currency exchange.

For those of you who require a coffee fix before travelling, you’re in luck; there’s a Starbucks connected to the lobby – and unlike most Starbucks in Japan, this one isn’t always super crowded! If coffee’s not your thing or you’d rather pick up something to snack or read or do on the bus, there’s a Lawson’s convenience store just around the corner.

But my favourite part of the lobby is YCAT’s souvenir and gift shop. It’s tiny to be sure, but you can purchase goods that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. They sell everything from cookies and cakes to pens and jewelry and other miscellaneous memorabilia. When I visited, I discovered wasabi-flavoured KitKats – something I’d never seen before – I might have to stop by more often just to see what other rare finds I can find!

1 hour or so

Because YCAT is located in the Yokohama Sky building, if you’ve time, you might consider grabbing a quick meal from one of the many restaurants on the tenth and eleventh floors. You can indulge in Italian pastas, Indian curries, sushi or ramen, or even traditional Osaka-styled okonomiyaki (think Japanese pizza soul food).

2 or more hours

And if you’ve a lot of time on your hands, why not treat yourself to a massage at the relaxation station also located on the tenth floor? For the men, get a shave and a haircut! Or if you’d rather stick to the everyday tried-and-true, I’d suggest popping over next door to Sogo Department Store and window shop floor-by-floor until you’re ready to go. They’ve plenty of interesting shops to browse, and some – like Loft of Muji – that offer travel goods just in case you need that last minute item!

Rest assured you won’t be bored before you go.

Good look and bon voyage!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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