Bathe in Paradise at Luxury Hotel Kaze no Kaori

Luxury Hotel Kaze no Kaori

Izu, in Shizuoka Prefecture, is a favourite go-to locale for both Japanese and tourists. Its seaside hotels, hot springs, and some of the freshest seafood in the country are well-known to many who come to treat themselves to a small piece of heaven.

My favourite hotel to stay at when I visit is the Luxury Hotel Kaze no Kaori in Ito. Each of the twenty incredibly spacious rooms is a private getaway, complete with an indoor "hinoki" (Cypress Pine) Japanese bath and outdoor "rotenburo" (open-air bath) with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. Two more private "onsen" (hot spring) baths are located on the top ninth floor. You can also treat your feet to an unusual and unique exfoliation experience: "Dr. Fish", which is worth an article in itself! (If you're interested, just leave a comment).

Different plans are available, so feel free to tailor your stay with breakfasts and dinners, massages, or whatever else you like. The hotel staff are incredibly generous and kind, and English services are available at your request.

Their rates are extremely reasonable, especially when taking into account all the free service and complimentary goods they provide. The first time I stayed there I was rather shocked by how much of their facilities and amenities are free. They've games you can rent, and bicycles too, free drink tickets, and the list goes on. Check out their website at the link below.


Customizable breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans are available. You can decide on what kind of stay to have when you check-in and meet with one of their professional staff.


〒414-0043 Shizuoka-ken, Ito-shi Arai 2-7-1
Telephone: 0120-759-337

Email: yoyaku@kazenokaori.jp

Official Website (in English)

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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