Tourist Tip #9: One-stop Super Shopping Stores

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia

In July and August of last year, I wrote about a few excellent places to shop for souvenirs:



However, this morning I noticed that I'd completely left out one of my personal favourite places to shop at, one I visit at least once a week: Yodobashi Camera Multimedia (Yokohama branch)! Shame on me for not have shared sooner! Alright, then. Here goes.

As its name implies, Yodabashi Camera Multimedia carries all the latest electronic, digital, camera and computer goods - it's a veritable mini-Akihabara megastore. From mobile phone accessories to WiFi routers, iPads to notebook PCs, cables to coffee makers, laundry machines and more - if it requires batteries or an AC plug, Yodabashi Camera's Multimedia units will have it.

But what a lot of people don't know is that Yodabashi Camera Multimedia also offers one of the best and most economical selection of stationery and art supplies in the country, as well as a floor-wide toy and music store. Not only can you come here buy materials for your home or office, but it's a fantastic way to see and stay abreast of what's popular in Japan.

Best of all, for international tourists, that is, Yodobashi Camera Multimedia is a tax duty-free store - just bring your passport! And for those of you living in Japan, their Gold Point Card system is unbeatable.

Either way, you win.

Take my word for it, visit one today. No matter what it is you fancy, you'll feel like a kid in sweet shop while you look for it at Yodabashi Camera Multimedia.


Official Website (Japanese)

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by Former Deep Japan Writer

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