The Best Ramen & Tsukemen in Asakusa

I have started to explore the many ramen stores in Asakusa with my friends, trying ramen and tsukemen. These are our favourites so far:

Tsukemen Kobo Asakusa Seimenjo Ramen Shop & Noodle Maker on Kototoidori street

Fuji Ramen near ROX on Kokusai-dori street

There are many ramen shops in Asakusa. Here are some others we have visited:

Urinbo Hakata Ramen & Tsukemen on Kototoi-dori street

Hakata Ippudo Ramen at ROX・3G

You can find many more ramen shops in the area around Tokyo's famous Senso-ji Temple. We have already spotted several that we want to try.

by David

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