Mt Fuji Views from Enoshima Island near Kamakura

Check out the view of Mt Fuji across the water

Enoshima island is a fun destination for a day trip from Tokyo anytime of the year. You can see the island and its lighthouse from Kamakura further along the Shonan coast.

The lighthouse is called the Sea Candle and must be one of the best viewpoints to admire iconic Fuji-san from this side. From the observatory deck of the lighthouse you can look at the ocean and the coast. On one side you have Kamakura and on the other Mt Fuji.

I visited on a windy day, but behind the glass of the observatory I could relax, look at Mt Fuji, the waves, and the clouds. Actually, I found the waves moving towards the shore as fascinating as Mt Fuji.

Come up here and watch the sunset. When the weather is better, another deck higher up without glass is also accessible. At the foot of the lighthouse there is a nice terrace and flower garden. Rest for a while and then take a walk around the island. There are many good viewpoints here for taking pictures and daydreaming.

Nightly Light-up and Enoshima Illumination Event

In the evening, the Sea Candle shines in blue and purple lights. In the winter, the lighthouse and the garden around it are the center of the Enoshima Illumination events.

Take a slow ride on the Enoden train to Enoshima from Kamakura

by David

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