35 Reasons to Love 100 Yen Shops

100 yen shops aren't just for starving students and single parents anymore. They, especially the bigger chains like Daiso, have become everyday institutions to the average consumer. Who doesn't love a 100 yen store? I certainly can't think of anyone. So, without further ado, here's a list of...

...35 Reasons to Love 100 yen Shops

1. They have EVERYthing.
2. They’re everywhere!
3. Need souvenirs for friends and family but don’t have that much to spend? ¥100 shop to the rescue!
4. Quick-and-dirty place/way to kill time.
5. A great place for ideas and inspiration.
6. Want to give gardening a go? ¥100 can get you started.
7. Budget-conscience people’s paradise
8. Too many coins in your pocket? Hello, 100 yen shop!


10. They have EVERYthing. Really, EVERYthing.
11. Need an inkan (seal) to stamp documents? 100 yen shops got ‘em.
12. Suddenly freezing outside and need some hats and gloves? ¥100 shops got ‘em.
13. Laundry detergent, clothes basket and hangers? Yep, got those too.
14. What about school supplies? But, of course.
15. Office supplies? Uh…duh!
16. What about food? Yes, even food.
17. Men’s tee-shirts, socks, and underwear?
18. Jigsaw puzzles and magic tricks?
19. What about workout gear? Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes. And yes.
20. EVERYthing.


22. Supplies for your any-themed DIY projects.
23. Give-away gifts for a party.
24. Satiate any sudden urge for a snack.
25. Fix-it solutions for nearly any problem.
26. Enjoy people watching? 100 yen shoppers (and their kids) won’t let you down.
27. The best bargain bulk buying to be had.
28. The perfect one-stop store before going on a trip.
29. Need to make a cost-effective emergency kit? 100 yen shop is there for you!
30. Redecorate your apartment, home, or office quickly and on the cheap!
31. Stationery, stickers, paints - find your inner artist!
32. They carry higher quality items for only a coin or two more.
33. Tired of buying expensive toys that your tots keep breaking?
34. Good for last minute or temporary things you need.

Comment and leave your ideas! With enough, we can call this article, "100 Reasons to Love 100 yen Shops"!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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