In Home Hydrotherapy

Japan boasts a myriad of pristine beaches, picturesque lakes and waterfalls, and serine onsens like none other. Spending time in these waters can be very therapeutic for your body and your mind alike, but the fast pace of life can often deprive you of time to be able to fully utilize and immerse yourself in Japan’s quality H2O. If you seek the relaxation aspect that Japan’s waters have to offer, look no further than your local pharmacy or grocery establishment for an addition to your daily bath that is sure to delight.

Japanese bath salts are very different than European bath salts or even bath salts found in the states. Japanese bath salts come in a variety of scents, colors, and ambiances that follow. When you see how the bath salts infuse with the water molecules, the water will become completely inundated with whatever color bath salt that you might put in. Don’t worry, that color will not stain or stick to your skin.

The deep aroma of the salts, and the clam complacent feeling that will come upon you as you bask in your in-home bath, will surly melt the stress of your day away making you feel like you are in an onsen of your own. Now it is salts, which means you only need to use a little dollop or it can dry your skin out a bit. All in all, it is good for your skin, while providing therapeutic relaxation at the same time.

When my aunt use to draw me a bath when I was a child, she would always use the lemon salts, and then take a mesh bag full of fresh cut lemons and put them into the bath as well…magnificent! This is what first ignited my affinity for Japanese bath salts from a young age. Keep an eye out for the ever evolving sensations that are being sold in a store by you today.

by Alex

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