Hanami at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park

Take a break under the cherry blossoms in the museum's Japanese Garden

Ueno Park is one of Tokyo's most famous places for hanami during the cherry blossom season. Inside the park, make sure to visit the Tokyo National Museum and its beautiful Japanese garden in the spring.

This garden lies hidden from view behind the main building. It is open to the public during the sakura time in spring and is a great small hanami spot in itself. There are tall trees, a pond, and several small buildings and tea houses to see. While most of Ueno Park will be full of people, you might actually find a little bit of quiet here. Take a walk around the pond and stop for a cup of coffee.

This year, the Tokyo National Museum also has a special sakura themed exhibition from March 19 - April 14. Here is the link for more information.
So if you get tired of the crowds inside Ueno Park, take a walk over to the museum and see more sakura flowers here depicted in Japanese pictures, on folding screens, kimonos, and ceramics. Admission to the museum also gives you access to the Japanese garden.

For opening hours and details, please see the museum's website www.tnm.jp

This Japanese garden is usually open during spring for sakura and in the fall for kouyou, the red leaves. If you are here during this season, don't miss it.

by David

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