Top Five Most Purchased OTC Drugs by Visitors in Japan

Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport Survey

HealthyTokyo surveyed three drugstores at the bustling Tokyo International Airport*, also known as Haneda Airport, to discover the consumer purchasing preferences of foreign visitors to Japan.

We assumed that visitors from Asian countries would have different preferences from those from the West when it comes to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and the data supported this hypothesis.

Specifically, we asked these retailers to rank the five OTC drugs Asian visitors and Western visitors purchase most frequently, and then we examined the differences in consumer behavior.

Top five most purchased OTC drugs—Western visitors

1. Sleeping aids
2. Aspirin
3. Ibuprofen
4. Tylenol
5. Gastol

Top five most purchased OTC drugs—Asian visitors

1. Mentholated eyedrops
2. Roihi-Tsubokō
3. Nabolin
4. Alinamin
5. Pabron Gold

The most popular OTC drugs for Westerners are...

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