Tomsung&Co: Outstanding Tailor in Yokohama Chinatown

If you are looking for a high-quality tailor in Japan, you should definitely check out Tomsung&Co. in Yokohama Chinatown. This Chinese tailor has been operating in Yokohama since the end of the Meiji era. They have a living heritage of the history!

The port of Yokohama was officially opened in 1859 and 155 years have passed ever since. A lot of workers came from mainland China and succeeded overseas as traditional “three knives” craftsmen such as tailors, cooks and hairdressers. But many of tailors have been gone by now and Tomsung&Co. is one of the precious stores that still serve their customers today. The store has been passed down strictly within the family and the traditional techniques and skills learned over generations are still alive today.

I would love to post their information here at this timing because they will have super bargain sale weeks soon. They are only twice a year and one of them will start from the end of March to early April this year. They usually offer a well-tailored suit at 55,000 yen each, however it will be 39,900 yen during the bargain weeks. Cho-san is the third generation storekeeper and his skills are outstanding. I am always so impressed with his professional measurement skills.

Adjustments on a skirt or a pair of trousers are from 14,000 yen each and you can order cashmere coat from 300,000 yen. It is relatively rare for Japanese people to tailor good quality clothes because you have easy access to a variety of clothes at reasonable prices everywhere. However, when you once experience a special fit only a well-cut cloth can provide, I assure you will be amazed. Especially when you are from abroad and have difficult time finding a suitable size cloth, you should check this wonderful tailor. Their business had such a long history and used to serve at one of the luxurious hotels in Marunouchi area in Tokyo. They have a lot of repeat customers including famous politicians and celebrities.

Cho-san’s brother and his wife run a café restaurant, “Bambi” on the second floor in the same building. You might want to stop by and enjoy their nice lunch set too.

Address: 73-101 Yamashita-cho, Yokohama city
Tel: 045-681-1063

by Suetsumuhana

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