Math is cool! Science too!

There is math museum to convince that math is beautiful

I have always had a hard time finding equation beautiful. Not my thing.
But many people do. Einstein, for instance.

Math is not only used to explain the universe and quantum theory.

Actually I find it very useful everyday in my life (more simple than quantum theory too). Measuring calories everyday so that I do not get fat, evaluating probabilities of getting a ticket to run during Tokyo marathon, estimating how to put all those suitcases in the trunk of a car, dosing ingredients to prepare meals, discovering with awe new architectures, finding solutions to complex situations, whatever...

So, if you have a tough time to convince anyone around you that maths are not only beautiful but also very useful, go together to the math museum: it will be fun and will make you see math under a new and bright light!


Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation: miraikan

If you are in Odaiba, don't miss this beautiful museum that is managed by Mamoru Mohri, a former astronaut.

If you meet him by chance, don't hesitate, rush and ask him everything you want to know about gravity and the earth.

In this museum, you will learn many things about our planet, about new coooooool stuffs. You will be able to dream about time travel, galaxy travel, about becoming the next Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Temporary exhibits are quite nice too. In 2014, they had that expo on human waste and the future of the planet. A peculiar visit that was both informative and well, yes, fun!


by Claire

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