Denim Kimonos--Only in Kurashiki!

Beautiful denim kimonos, silk kimonos, and yukata for rent and sale!

Did you know that the birthplace of Japanese denim is Kurashiki, in Okayama Prefecture?

Kurashiki is best known for the great shopping and sightseeing opportunities in the Bikan-chiku Historical district. This area is well known throughout Japan for having refurbished original 'kura' warehouses in the old merchant district of the city. The district was not destroyed by bombing during World War II, and is one of the few places in Western Japan where you can enjoy Japanese culture in an authentic historical setting.

If you want to enhance your visit to the Okayama area, or have a special day in town with friends or a special person, you can rent a kimono for the day from Kurashiki Kimono Komachi. Day rentals start at just 3,780 Yen for women and 4,860 Yen for men (prices include sales tax). What makes the kimono rentals at Kurashiki Kimono Komachi special is that they are real kimonos (not imitations that are often used for tourists). The shop owner, Mr. Kazuhiro Terao, is also a designer who specializes in denim kimonos and other Japanese-style apparel and fashion items. At his shop, you can choose to rent either denim kimonos (Mr. Terao’s creations) or a standard casual silk kimono, plus accessories.

Denim kimono rentals are limited to 3 people per day, so if you’d like to try this Kurashiki original, be sure to reserve yours early!

You can also rent lighter-weight yukata (like a cotton kimono) in the warmer months between June and September. Yukata are perfect for enjoying the summer weather in the heart of old town Kurashiki.

Whether you’re looking to share a special experience with friends, enjoy a quiet stroll through the beautiful historic district, enjoy a bit of Japanese culture, or just show off fashionably, a beautiful rental kimono from Kurashiki Kimono Komachi is the way to go. With two easy-to-find locations (just a few steps from JR Kurashiki Station, and inside the Bikan Historical Area), the friendly staff will go out of their way to ensure a pleasant experience for you.

Kurashiki Kimono Komachi also offers originally designed denim kimonos, haori jackets, accessories, and other denim and handcrafted items (including hair accessories, bags, denim sheets and pillow cases, etc) for sale. All denim items are made from high-quality Kurashiki denim.

When you rent a kimono or yukata, you can also have photos taken of you and your friends. A photo session on location in the historic Bikan area lasts for approximately 60 minutes. The fee is 3,240 Yen for one person, or 4,320 Yen for two or more people (sales tax included). If you have your own camera, the staff will take an unlimited number of photos for you; if you opt to have the staff use their camera, they will take approximately 20 photos and give you the photo data on CD.

Rental Price Chart (Sales tax not included in prices listed below; subject to change)

Kimono* Day Rental 3,500 Yen
Kimono* Night Rental 4,500 Yen
Yukata** Day¹ 3,500 Yen
Yukata** Night² 4,500 Yen
Denim Day 5,500 Yen
Denim Night 6,500 Yen
Simple Hair Styling 1,200 Yen

Kimono* Day Rental 4,500 Yen
Kimono* Night Rental 5,500 Yen
Yukata** Day¹ 4,500 Yen
Yukata** Night² 5,500 Yen
Denim Day 5,500 Yen
Denim Night 6,500 Yen

Kimono* Day 6,900 Yen
Kimono* Night 8,900 Yen
Yukata** Day¹ 6,900 Yen
Yukata** Night² 8,900 Yen

* Kimono available from mid-September through mid-June.
** Yukata available from mid-June through mid-September.

1. Day: 9:00~18:00
2. Night: 15:00~12:00 noon of the following day

--- All rental prices include undergarments, sashes, sandals, and a bag. ---

An English speaking staff member is available to assist you. Please make all rental reservations in advance.

To reserve your rental kimono, call 086-427-0132, or send an e-mail to: kura.kimono@gmail.com

Please tell the staff the following information:
•Date and time of rental
•Time that you will arrive at the shop
•Number of people and gender
•Your height
•Whether you would like your hair styled or not
•Your name and contact information

For more information (Japanese only): http://kimonokomachi.jp/

by Andrea Miyata

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