5 recommendations to take your pictures wearing KIMONO in Asakusa

No.1 Izumiya, No.2 Tatsumiya

There are many good places to take pictures when you wear Kimono in Asakusa. Three gates to Sensoji, Kaminarimon, Hozomon and Nitenmon, are the best of course as well as Gojunotou (five-storied pagoda). However, I would like to recommend the places where is not in your guidebook.

Izumiya is a shop selling Japanese rice crackers. As the old shop is closed, it is the best place for taking pictures not to disturb their business. The new shop is open just in front of the old shop. Located along Kwannon Street.

Tatsumiya is a Japanese restaurant. You can see loaches in a tub under the round cedar ball.

No.3 Denbouin Street

At Denbouin Street, there are many Japanese-taste shops and restaurants. Even if they are closed, you will enjoy shutter arts. Pictures of Edo era are drawn on the shutters. There is a temple called Denbouin, but it is usually closed for public. But you can visit a historical building called Chingodo along this street. Chingodo was built to prevent fire and theft as well as to flourish business.

No.4 Hikaninari, No.5 alley of Nakasei

Hikaninari is a small shrine located back of Asakusa Shrine. These foxes are the messengers of God Inari. Very quiet places.

There is a Tempura restaurant called Nakasei at the end of a small alley. Nakasei is opened in 1870, which is a little higher-class Tempura restaurant than Daikokuya, a popular Tempura restaurant along Denbouin Street. Nakasei is located along Orange Street.

by Keiko, OTT

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