Bunbogu Cafe has the Best Japanese Stationery to Make a Travel Journal

Friendly staff selects and explains some of the best stationery

Bunbougu (文房具) is the Japanese word for stationery and it includes all kinds of items that you might use for writing, drawing, or paper crafts. In Tokyo Omotesando, you can find a selection of the best stationery from Japan at the Bunbougu Cafe. It is a stationery store and cafe combined.

Pick up some pens, notebooks, or origami paper and try them while you have a glass of wine or a coffee. The staff here is very friendly. Please ask them to explain to you how to use the different items. There are plenty of tables and seats to take a lunch or coffee break and take notes or draw here.

Access to Bunbougu Cafe (文房具カフェ)
Address: 4-8-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo (東京都渋谷区神宮前4-8-1 B1)
Please see the screenshot from Google maps.
Open everyday 10:00 - 23:30

Bunbougu Cafe is located near Omotesando station. Take exit A2 and turn right into the small street next to the Apple shop. Follow the signs to the famous Tonkatsu shop Maisen (まい泉). Bunbougu Cafe is just a few shops down the street. Look for the stairs down into the store. http://www.bun-cafe.com/map

Use the fun and quality Japanese stationery & make a travel journal

The best Japanese stationery is both fun and functional. Japanese stationery makers are constantly trying to improve their products. Pick up a few items and put a little bit of Japanese kawaii and quality into your everyday life. Maybe the best use for the pens and notebooks would be to create a travel journal. You could start one right here at the Bunbogu Cafe.

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