Google Translate app takes down language barrier

Trip to Colorado and Mexico

From June 2014 I have had the opportunity to fly into Mexico for business.
Right now Mexico is a hot spot for the automotive industry.

Many Japanese automotive companies are in a rush to locate in the Central Highlands in Mexico. The company I work for has a factory in Guadalajara. My job is to fill the our factory with Japanese companies that wish to locate in Mexico.

When I go to Mexico at the factory there are local Mexicans, French, and also Japanese customers.
Majority language spoken is Spanish, then English, and very little Japanese.

At the factory their is always someone to help on Language, the hard times is when I go out for lunch or dinner. When the menu in only in Spanish.
Recently I downloaded Google Translator on my Ipad, the new function speaking to the Iphone in your native language the app will speak in the language you choose!!
The photo function allows you to translate the photo your taking. For example taking a photo of the menu the screen will translate the menu into the choose language!

Play around with this app and take down the language barrier.
*Vertically aliened Japanese characters the app will not recognize.

With a diversity of backgrounds and language at the factory having a translator is a must.
I thought having a translator would solve the communication problems.
Translation doesn't solve everything.

I found that solving the language barrier does not mean I've solved communication problem.
Japanese culture is unique, our factory needed to understand the culture and how business is structured differently.
For example Japanese may say "Muzukashi desune" means it may be difficult.
Think there's still a chance, usually in Japanese it's just another way to say NO.

In a Japanese company many times employees work in a certain division then after a few years they move to a different division.
One of my good friend works at a trading company worked in sales for 7 years and now moved to accounting. There for one employee becomes a multitask for that company.

On the other hand companies in Mexico or Westernized company. The employee becomes a specialist in the division. Each employees job is defined clearly.
For a smooth communication between Japanese company both sides need to understand the structure.

While you visit Japan take advantage of the apps and hope you are able to engage with people and expand your travel experience.
It surly helping me out on my travels!!

by Yuuki I

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