Running Around in Yokohama

I often write reviews and articles about restaurants in Yokohama, but what do I with the all the calories that come with the job? Well, like many of the 3.7 million people who live here, I run. And there really is no better city in Japan to do just that.

Yokohama is chock-full of running routes, thousands of them in fact. For those of you who also run to keep in shape, here are a few links that might be of interest.

Mapmyrun.com users should check out:

Meetup.com users:

Yokohama's most popular (and scenic) 10km course via thespace.jp:

Thespace.jp's other Google mapped courses:

I'll post a future article about my personal favourite running routes soon. Until then, Happy Valentine's Day!

Yokohama Marathon

For serious runners, here are two links to Yokohama's yearly marathon event, which attracts some 25,000 runners from all over the country. The event takes place mid-March. Applications for this year's March 15 marathon is closed (sign-ups take place between July and September of the previous year), but you can still participate by getting out there and showing your support!

Yokohama Marathon Official Website (English)

City of Yokohama: Yokohama Marathon

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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