How to Plan a One-Day Shopping Tour in Japan, From Haneda Airport

Yokohama Shopping Day with Lunch and Dinner, Various Options from Fancy Japanese Department Stores to Popular Local Discount Shops!

If you have only one day available for shopping, how can you spend a day most efficiently? Would you love to enjoy shopping experience in Japan such as fancy famous department stores as well as buy some cute daily items? A day tour itinerary detailing specific places to go for specific kinds of products and where to have meals is described that will hopefully make your day entertaining and enjoyable!

Start shopping from JR Yokohama Station.
(You can either take a train or bus from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station for about 30 minutes.)
Visit TOKYU HANDS, which is a very popular general variety store among Japanese people. They have pretty bags, stationeries and miscellaneous daily goods.

YODOBASHI CAMERA - A huge electronics and appliances shop full of consumer electronics, cameras, travelling bags and toys.

YODOBASHI CAMERA - With two stories underground, a variety of restaurants are provided on the second basement level. You should try to get there a bit before lunch hour so that you can avoid waiting time in line.

Explore the underground shopping center after lunch. You can enjoy Japanese local food material counters. It's also fun to explore the big bookstore there.

Visit the high class department store, TAKASHIMAYA to do shopping for brand items and watches. I also recommend to stop by at ITOYA, one of the best stationery shops in Japan. Also don't forget to explore their great food floor on the basement level to get some souvenir.

3:00pm - If you have enough energy to spare;

Option1: Go to the shopping street at Yokohama station West exit, south side. There are several discount shops including famous ABC Mart (Shoes shop) and Don Quixote (big discount chain store). You can stop by at one of the ramen noodles restaurants in the area for a light dinner before you go back to the Yokohama station at 5pm.

Option2: If you want to do High-budget shopping, go across the station and visit the department stores (SOGO or MARUI) for clothes or LOFT for miscellaneous goods for an hour or so. Both of the department stores have several restaurants with great ocean views on the top floor. Or you can move to a shopping mall, called "BAY QUARTERS" as they have some open terrace style restaurants. Both of them are nice choice for dinner before you go back to the Yokohama station around 6pm.

All the stores listed in my above plans are located within 300m distance from the Yokohama station. Very easy access.

Please note above day tour itinerary is based on weekday. As restaurants are busy on weekends and holidays (30 minutes to 1 hour waiting is normal), you should be careful about that.

如何規劃一個單日購物遊在日本,從羽田機場 橫濱購物節與午餐和晚餐,從花式日本百貨公司的各種選項,以當地流行的折扣商店!


參觀TOKYU HANDS,這是中日兩國人民一個非常受歡迎的一般雜貨店。

YODOBASHI CAMERA - 一個巨大的電子和電器店全消費電子產品,

YODOBASHI CAMERA - 隨著兩個故事的地下,都設在地下2層各種各樣的餐館。



by Eddie

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