Inspiration for Valentine Day !

Yes! There is an alternative to chocolate!

If you want your Valentine to be really happy with your present, here are some ideas for you from Romantic Japan.

Tokyo top 10 of the best presents ever for 2015.
The keyword is: let's share and enjoy the present together!

10. Life is a box of chocolate. Of course, you can enjoy chocolate together. Just try to find the one that will be suitable with champagne;

9. Never start a good day without a ayurvedic massage together. Go to the spa in a luxury hotel together, go to onsen, go to massage such as Global Chiryoin, and relax together;

8. Enroll together in a yoga class: get rid of all mental and physical tensions of the day.

7. A sofa in red velvet shaped like Dali's lips. If you cannot squeeze the two of you in it, there is the yoga class in option.

6. lingerie. A classic. In Japan it might be tricky to get the right thing but you can visit Wacoal many shops or La Perla. Just don't offer that to your colleague, (s)he might misinterpret your intentions.

5. Speakers shaped as a little piggy and connected to the love songs channel: Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Edith Piaff... That should make your message loud and clear

4. A set of crystal glasses Edokiriko with a bottle of Yamazaki whisky. Good to have some amino acid powder at hand to stay sober

3. a mobile hokkairo that you can heat in the micro-wave. (hokkairo is the hot water bottle thingie): it keeps your hands (and heart) warm and cosy. There is a larger version for cold feet. Hey, who likes cold feet?

2. I love this one: an extra battery for your iphone with a custom design such as lots of heart and the name of your chéri(e). With this, low battery will never disrupt your love conversation. Being out of power is never a source of worry anymore!

1. Of course, a huge success for eternity: diamond. But hey, this is Japan, so choose the right one: one with a brand name and one very big. Nothing under 2 carats will be able to transmit your feelings properly!

by Claire