Chocolate on Valentine, chocolate any time

In Kyoto, forget Belgian chocolate, seduce with DARI K

I am Belgian. Don't talk to me about Swiss chocolate. Or nightmarishly, French chocolate.

I have been eating chocolate everyday under any possible form since I was born, and most probably my mum gave me chocolate in my bib when I was a baby. Today, I had hot chocolate in the morning.

If you want to get some really cool chocolate, you need to go to Kyoto and visit Dari K. http://www.dari-k.com/

Dari K is this very special place only geishas and maiko know about. Actually, it is a former geisha who told me about Yoshino-san, the owner and maitre chocolatier.

She told me how Yoshino-san goes to Indonesia to work directly with the agricultural farmers growing chocolate trees and how important it was for him to conduct a fair trade with them. Yoshino-san is a purist, the Kukai of chocolate, she confided in me. Waouw I thought. Well, you know how it goes when you try to sell something. You build up your story: he processes the beans himself, he does everything artisanally and he has a little shop in one Kyoto's secret places that Mama-san has found appropriate for the shop...

So I wanted to taste it of course.

You know what? It was outrageously awesome. You do not know what chocolate means before you eat Yoshino-san's. The chocolate tastes like real chocolate, the sweetness balance is just perfect. It melts in your mouth like the pure and fresh chocolate that it is- just writing this and I am salivating.

I'm Belgian, there is chocolate in my blood, and I was ready to betray my DNA for DARI K.

by Claire

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