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Photographer Meetups and Communities

If you are a foreigner in Tokyo looking to learn some photography techniques in English, then you have some excellent opportunities here. In the almost 15 years that I have been in Japan, it was only about 4 years ago when I took up photography more seriously. I believe learning is a continuous process and even though a lot of information and useful resources are now available for "free" on the Internet, learning from true experts and professionals is always a far more effective way to sharpen up your skills. After attending numerous photowalks where I got the chance to interact with pros, I realised that talking to them about how they approach their profession teaches you a lot about how to change your own mindset towards the art of photography, and hopefully by extension, also improve your own skills as a photographer. One amazing thing about Japan is that so many people pursue photography very seriously, even though it is not their profession, but a hobby. As a result, you meet lots of people who know a lot about photography techniques and are more than willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested.

Before I talk about the pros, let me point you towards a few great interest groups on Meetup.com where you can connect with photography enthusiasts:






Professional Photographers and Teachers

Among the professionals, two of my favourites in Tokyo are Martin Bailey and Alfie Goodrich. Martin is primarily a nature and wildlife photographer and also organizes several photography tours in places like Antarctica, Africa and closer to home, in Hokkaido. Alfie is a commercial photographer with a diverse range of interests and remains very active as a photography teacher. Both are outstanding photographers and wonderful people to know and interact with. But most importantly, they are always open to sharing what they have learnt over the years they have worked so hard to develop their skills to such a high level.

Find out more about Martin Bailey on his website at: http://www.martinbaileyphotography.com/

Find out more about Alfie Goodrich on his website at: http://www.alfiegoodrich.com/

So go ahead and connect with the huge community of professional and hobbyist photographers in Tokyo, because learning never ends! :)


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