While in Japan Enjoy the Planet's Healthiest Drink, Green Tea

Classy Royal Blue Tea Green Tea is My Favorite

Yes, I love green tea too! I remember working in my Japanese firm and there was always a green tea machine on the floor. Just like we have water stations in offices overseas, Japanese companies have hot or cold green tea dispensers for your health and happiness 24/7.
There are many reasons why people consider this the healthiest drink on the planet.

Royal Blue is the newest twist I have found to lovely green tea. Out of Kanagawa Prefecture, the tea is wholly natural and uses delicious water from Mt. Fuji. The mild tea comes in lovely wine bottles with a sweet glass cork and satin-lined wooden box. It would be a perfect gift for a home party or to take back to relatives back home.

Many of my lady friends in Japan when asked why they are so slim and have such clear skin will cite their constant consumption of Green Tea. Well, that was enough for me so I try to drink it whenever I get the chance.
Here is a nice video on how to make a green tea facial scrub just in case :)

Now, the entire world knows about Green tea or "Macha" and some of my friends from San Francisco were literal Green Tea Ice Cream fanatics when they came to Japan last Summer. Maybe because of this need or simple marketing acumen, there are Green Tea cafes in many department stores where you can get green tea ice cream floats, green tea manju, straight green tea or any variation thereof.

Antioxidants in green tea help kill bad things in your body, assists with your detox, has the perfect balance of caffeine and L-theannine (amino acid) to increase brain function and help you be sharper during the day. But somehow, at the same time, it soothes your mind with its mild taste and warmth (especially in Winter).

Many new visitors to Japan will be happy to discover free bags of green tea in their hotel or Japanese inn rooms. Just remember not to dip the tea bag in the hot water for too long. The color of the tea should be a light yellow/green color. If it tastes like water you need to put the bag in for longer, if it tastes too bitter, you can add hot water to even it out.

If you have a little pot for the tea, you can brew the tea leaves of the tea bags in the pot for a few minutes and then put all the teacups you want to fill out on the table. Little by little you add the tea to the cups and you will see the color darken in each cup as you get further to the bottom of the pot. A lot of my friends also rinse their tea cup with warm water once just to prepare it for the hot tea coming up.

Whether dried, in packets or in a manju (sweet) form, anything green tea related will be very much welcome as a gift for your friends back home and lo and behold it is one of those light gifts that won't weigh down your suitcase no matter how many packets you fit inside. Enjoy your green tea, get healthy and have fun in Japan.


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