Japan's Special Soft Drink Flavors

Variety of Fantas

Ever since coming to Japan I've visited convenience stores regularly, not only cause its convenient of course, but because of all the seasonal special drinks they offer. I've had Fanta plenty of times in America, but the flavors were always orange or grape. As soon as I got off the plane here I was able to find flavors like melon soda and whatever seasonal or special flavors were available.

This month they've got Strawberry Cream Soda which was good, not quite like American Cream Soda, but it was a light creamy Strawberry soda.
They've also got apple flavored Fanta this time of the year.

Japan's list of special Fantas is long. I've tried as many as I can spot. acerola, pineapple, peach, lychee, pear, ume and more.

Not limited to Fanta

While I feel like Fanta dominates in the regular release for new types of soda, other soda and soft drink brands also offer special twists to their classic flavors.

Pepsi is a big one, with a couple I can name off the top of my head: Strawberry Milk Pepsi (very strange), Salty Watermelon Pepsi, Pepsi White, Pepsi Pink, etc.

Last fall Coca-cola offered new flavors as well. Well Coca-cola lemon was released before, but the new one was Coca-cola orange. That one was a favorite for me and I picked it up several times.

Here's my little review video I did for Pepsi-Strawberry Milk. It's rather silly.


Japan definitely is an interesting country supplying a variety of soft drink flavors. I'm sure many people are like me and spend several minutes in front of the drinks corner pondering "what drink will I choose today?"

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by Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

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