Yokohama's Best BBQ and Beer

Baird Beer's Bashamichi Taproom

Bashamichi Taproom is now celebrating their 4th year of serving locals and guests some of the most amazing authentic American-style barbecue and first rate craft beer. The restaurant, located in an area filled with jazz bars, coffee shops, and an exciting night life, has three floors, and is actually the fourth of Baird Brewing's Taproom chain.

Beer lovers need no introduction to Baird Beer, which has won a multitude of awards for their extensive line of quality lagers, ales, and stouts. And when I say extensive, how does nearly 30 taps (including two hand pumps) sound? They also have beers for take away available.

But it's the food that makes Bashamichi Taproom a one-and-only kind of place. Their barbecued delectable dishes of pork, chicken, and ribs have people coming back for more and more. Bashamichi Taproom also offers local-style pizzas, and side dishes of chili, corn bread, salads, etc.

I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of them already or have never visited. If you have, go back again for their latest releases. If you haven't then get yourself over to Bashamichi Taproom today - tell them Lee sent you.


Bashamichi Taproom
Yokohama, Naka-ku, Sumiyoshi-cho 5-63-1
Telephone: 045-264-4961

Official Website:

Facebook Page:

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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