Three Sacred Treasures and Imperial Palace

Japanese Sacred Spirits and Objects

The three treasures: mirror, sword, and jewels are believed to be passed down in the Imperial Family through generations. It is said that no one, even including the Emperor himself, has seen the objects. The treasures are considered not only as tangible entities but also as Japanese spirits: honesty, mercy, and wisdom. It appears that the successive Emperors have been offering prayers for the public peace based on the faith.
According to Japanese history, the mirror is placed in Ise Jingu shrine. The sword is stored at Atsuta Jingu shrine. The jewels and another set of the three treasures are safely kept inside the Imperial Palace. It would be worth visiting the three sacred places. As for the Imperial Palace, the public is allowed to pay a special visit when the Emperor and the Imperial Family make their special appearances on the Emperor's birthday and New Years celebration day.

by Hatha Yoga Lover

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