Make Friends with Great Food at AMI in Ishikawacho


Ami is a wonderful Japanese-Euro fusion bistro that's located just around the corner from Ishikawacho Station. It’s a tiny, comfortably cozy place run by well-known local chef, Yasu. Bossa nova jazz-infused music fills the atmosphere; the interior is left intentionally sparse, so as not to distract customers from each other and their meals.

Small dishes like liver pate (¥550) and salmon avocado cocktail (¥820) await your order, or you can savor something larger like their steak fritto. Enjoy them with any of their international wines (bottles: ¥2800-¥3600) or by the glass (¥500)).

Ami is ideal in that you can go there either for a quick bite or drink, or to take your time with a friend or date. No wonder it's a favourite for many Hamakos (Yokohama locals).

Highly recommended. Tell Yasu Lee sent you :)



Naka-ku, Ishikawacho 2-72-1
Tel: 045-319-4837

weekdays 17:00-24:00
weekends: 12:00-14:00 (Lunch) 17:30-24:00 (Dinner)

Closed: Mondays

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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