Tokyo Skytree Cake Factory - Projection Mapping at Dream Christmas 2014

This evening I visited Tokyo Skytree to see the Cake Factory projection mapping for Dream Christmas 2014. It was crowded tonight with people waiting to see where Santa’s sweets are made.

We went outside on the 4F Sky Arena to the Christmas market. Exactly at 20:00 the projection started with Santa opening an imaginary window and looking down on us. Then he took us on a tour of his cake factory where his little helpers are baking. They wear green and red uniforms with hats and all have big beards. They are very busy cracking eggs and making candy. And they use magic lights and a huge oven to bake Santa's cake.

The projection was fun to watch and children and adults all loved it. You can see it every night here starting from 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, and 20:00. The complete video is just under 10 minutes and you can stay warm with hot spicy wine and sausages from the Christmas market. It will continue until December 25, 2014.

For more Christmas fun, take a walk around Skytree and Solamachi shopping mall. It is beautiful to see at night during the Tokyo Skytree Town Illumination. And if you are lucky, Skytree itself might be illuminated in one of the special Christmas colors - green and red. Here is more information about the winter illumination. Have fun!

by David

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