Find Your Zen at Roppongi Hotel S

The Accomodations

To cap off my birthday weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a night at Roppongi Hotel S at the artfully designed Hotel & Residence Roppongi. We stayed in one of the Japanese-style rooms, called Zen, which was designed to promote relaxation and meditation. I have to say, they delivered on their promise.

The room is decorated in cool, calming colors with plenty of wood and customizable lighting options to suit your mood. What struck me immediately was how quiet it was and with the blackout drapes, it was easy to forget the busy streets of Roppongi right outside. With plenty of open space, you could easily roll out a yoga mat.

The Zen is a premium room, which means it also boasts a large television, humidifier, fridge and washer/dryer for doing your own laundry. There was also a small area to sit on tatami and enjoy some tea while reading.

The Spa

The best part about the Zen room is the spa-like shower room, which is located on a second level above the main room and includes a large wooden tub and television. With high quality beauty products, linens, slippers and robes, you feel like you're at a spa. I enjoyed a long soak in the tub almost immediately after checking in.

The Food

Staying in a premium room, we had a lovely chilled half bottle of sparkling wine in our fridge, which was a great way to kick off a relaxing evening. There was also complimentary bottled water and instant coffee and tea. The hibiscus tea was my favorite, with just the right mix of tart and sweet.

We checked into the hotel later in the evening, so we opted to order a couple of items from the room service menu. Our first selection was an appetizer of smoked salmon with dill, onion and capers, salami, iberico ham and pickles. All of the items were delicious and the amount was ideal for sharing. We also ordered the creme brûlée with fresh fruit, which was sweet and creamy with the perfect crunchy sugar top. If creme brûlée is on the menu somewhere, I pretty much have to try it and this one didn't disappoint.

In the morning, I enjoyed the breakfast buffet which included fresh fruit and yogurt, cereal, juices, salads and hot dishes included eggs, sausage and soup. There was also a selection of breads and a fruit and vegetable smoothie. I made it downstairs toward the end of the service and all the items were still warm and tasted delicious. The smoothie was my favorite part -- a healthy, energizing way to start the day.

Every member of the hotel staff we encountered was warm, welcoming and eager to help. They also all spoke English, making the check-in/check-out process easy. Being greeted by a friendly voice makes you feel at home wherever you are, no matter how long you stay.

This was the perfect way to end the weekend and I know we plan to return to Roppongi Hotel S when we need a relaxing escape right here in Tokyo. For more of my travels around Japan, be sure to check out my blog, www.100tacks.com.

Roppongi Hotel S
1-11-6 Nishiazabu, Hotel & Residence Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031

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