Rikugien Japanese Garden in Tokyo

See the autumn leaves at night

There are a number of old Japanese gardens in Tokyo that have survived fast city development and natural disasters. Rikugien is one of them and an especially nice park in Tokyo.

This is the Japanese Garden Rikugien at night. I visited it for the first time last evening and it was lovely. Under a bright moon and with no wind noticeable, the trees and stones of the landscaped areas reflected in the big pond. It was a great evening for kouyou (紅葉) - autumn leave viewing. You can understand why the word is written with the red leave. Rikugien Gardens has been the best park I visited this autumn in Tokyo.

Kouyou 紅葉 - autumn leave viewing

Parks, gardens, and scenic views are some of the most beautiful attractions in Japan. In November and December it is customary to go out to watch the autumn leaves. This might not sound like much, but at some places this can be spectacular.

Mountain views and foliage are best viewed during the day, some gardens are even more beautiful in the dark. Check the schedule for parks, gardens, temples, and shrines for special illumination (イルミネーション) or light-up (ライトアップ) events. If you are in Japan a little later and the autumn leave events are over, you can see some of the fun winter illuminations.

I will be back to visit Rikugien Gardens in the spring to see the cherry blossoms for hanami (花見). Rikugien promises to be a nice place for a walk anytime of the year.

The over 300 year old garden is one of nine historical parks in Tokyo that have survived fire, war, floods, and construction. Visit one of them to see a little bit of the old Japan as well as beautiful flowers and plants.

by David

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