Interpreting Japan’s Iconic Bridges

During your time in Japan you will most certainly come across many bridges within this tranquil island country, both new and old. With magnificent structural and ascetic beauty, you might wonder how the concept for some of these came about. Just like every human has their story, every bridge has its own as well. I will tell you specifically about one type of bridge that has become an icon of Japan, which has a particularly interesting story

In many movies you may have seen, or just walking around Japan you may come across a very steep bridge followed by a straight bridge or path. I have learned that these magnificent structures are representative of the journey of one’s life. Like in life which has many ups and downs, once you have found your religious attainments, like in the teaching of the path of Buddha, you can obtain a harmonious steady life.

You will learn that everything in Japan is symbolic, and nothing, even the smallest gestures go without being noticed and interpreted. I feel like it is the small things that often can have the most impact on the outlook for your day. Small things like the bridges that you simply use to get to the other side, or walk past without a glance. Small things like the story of what these bridges represent.These small things can add tremendous meaning and purpose if you are open and aware to what is around you, and the years that it has taken to get you at that moment in time.

by Alex

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