Blue Cave Nakameguro the newest spot for winter Illuminations

Sparkling Blue for a Romantic Winter Evening

Winter means many things to many people and this vibrant holiday season is full of different traditions from all parts of the globe.

In modern Japan- the winter holidays leading up to Christmas time involve the sparkling and over-the-top tradition of Illuminations. From across Japan cities add creative light displays as a way to enjoy the longer winter nights and boost shopping and dining sales in local communities everywhere.

In Tokyo most people know about the former glory of the Ginza Illuminations event which ended several years back to be replaced by the resplendent lights on Omotesando dori and Harajuku. But this year there is a new-comer to the "Sparkle-scene."

Nakameguro area along the Meguro "river" (canal) is famous in the spring for the glorious strolling cherry blossom events. The river is lined end to end with gorgeous cherry trees and this is one of the best spots for walking with your sweet heart under the pink fluffy branches. But this year the city planners have added a new winter event.

"Blue Cave Nakameguro" is debuting this holiday season with a 1km area of the tree lined river fabulously illuminated with hundreds of thousands of blue LED lights wrapping the trees and branches that dip over the river.

"Blue Cave Nakameguro" kicked off on 11/23 and will run until 12/25 Christmas night. The lights are lit from 5pm- 9pm each night and the area is filled with wonderful small boutiques and restaurants making it a fabulous destination for a winter date night.

Have some hot wine from one of the take out spots along the street and stroll under the lights. Take a blue sparkling selfie, and have a nice dinner with friends or loved ones. The crowded area means that the pedestrians have largely taken over again as they do during Hanami Season. So it is a fun place to people watch as well.

The best photo spots are the two bridges but you will have to wait in the jostle of other Illumination fans to take your shot. Congratulations to the Nakameguro chamber of businesses for remembering that this area is vibrant and beautiful all year long, not just in March-April.

The official website and information plus a lovely video are here
and a more basic English site here http://japan-attractions.jp/illumination/nakameguro-cave-of-the-blue-2014/

See you under the twinkling lights.

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