Origami Shop & Exhibition at Narita Airport

Flying is not always fun, but this origami paper and book store can help make waiting at Narita a little better. When you fly out of Tokyo´s Narita airport, go to Nippon Origami Museum. It has books about origami, origami papers, and a selection of paper art on display.

Check out the origami paper selection. There is folding paper in different sizes, colors, and designs. Some of the paper is printed with traditional Japanese patterns, other papers are colored in to make specific shapes and figures. They form animals, cars, complete sushi sets with pieces of paper tuna, paper shrimp, and paper soy sauce, and of course some of the popular Japanese characters like Pikachu or Kumamon.

Browse the books while you wait for your flight. There are books in Japanese and English for beginners and books about with specific topics: flowers, boxes, insects, dinosaurs, and even mystical creatures like dragons. You could try to fold a few cranes while you are flying or something more difficult like the paper animals on display here.

Nippon Origami Museum is located near gate number 26. Here is a map.

by David

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