Torinoichi (or Otorisama)

Get Kumade for luck

Torinoichi is held at Ohtori Shrine and Chokokuji Temple, next to each other. This year (2014), the event is on November 10 and 22. As people buy a little bigger Kumade, called Kakkome, every year, the Kumade is going to be huge.

midnight to midnight

It is interesting that this festival starts at midnight (0:00) and ends at midnight (24:00). How safe Tokyo is! At 0:00 a.m., it starts with the signal of Taiko (drums).

2014 is the year of horse and 2015 is the year of Sheep in a Japanese calendar. That is why Sheep is decorated.

Get Kakkome on Nov. 22 and collect luck for next year.

by Keiko, OTT

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