Traditional American Thanksgiving

15 years of Pink Cow Thanksgiving!

As a native Californian living in Japan there are some food holidays and flavors I really miss from home! Food is an amazing part of our socialization and culture. The food in Japan is amazing but we also like a bit of home too. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are a couple of those times! Also, being from California, we always have plenty of veggetarian dishes, including tofu and stuffing for those who don't eat turkey, which can be hard to find! Thanksgiving is basically a harvest festival, which most countries do but in their own way with foods native to the region. We do a truly traditional American Thanksgiving with Turkey from the US and lots of pies and the works! This is our 15th one! People from all over the world come to enjoy this part of American culture and food:) Not just for Americans but a chance to enjoy part of America in the middle of Tokyo! Enjoy an American holiday, meeting new people and great food!

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by Traci Pink Cow

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