Learning not dressmaking but KIMONO-making

Would you like to make your own kimono by yourself?

Last year, I made casual kimono (Yukata) by myself from a roll of cotton fabric. (Kimono is usually made from one roll of fabric.) I was the very beginner and the process was challenging, but I really enjoyed kimono-making.

Kimono-making is called Wasai in Japanese. You can learn Wasai in Miyuki Project Wasai Class in Meguro, Tokyo. Ms. Miyuki started this class because she wants people know and enjoy more about kimono. Basically you can make any kimono or kimono related goods, and the teacher instructs you how to cut and sew the fabric one by one. Normally you need to sew by hands, and there is no sewing machine at the class. (I cheated a little and saw a few parts by my sewing machine at home though :p)

The teachers are all professional kimono makers, therefore you can remake your own kimono, or even make it easily dressed. For the beginners, casual kimono (Yukata) making or kimono remaking is recommended. It takes about 3 to 6 months to complete a casual kimono. (I took 6 months... shame on me... If you are a good homeworker, you can shorten the making period.)

As long as you can speak simple Japanese, the class welcomes you! Even though the teachers only speak Japanese, they loves kimono lovers all over the world. The class is held on Tuesdays, 3 times a month (lesson date is announced on the web page.) The fee is 6,000JPY for the initiation fee and 6,000JPY for the monthly tuition. The time is 13:00-17:00 for daytime class, and 17:00-21:00 for night time class. You can come and leave any time during the class time. You can learn how to wear kimono in the class as well!

Here is the webpage. (Japanese only)
email: wasai@miyukipro.com (Please try to write in Japanese.)
You can just visit the class and watch the lesson to see if you can enjoy it.

Make your own Yukata and go to fireworks festival ^o^

by skymaho

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