Japan Tax-free Shopping guide 日本免稅購物常見問題

Question1 What products are tax-free? 哪些商品可以免稅呢?

From October 1, 2014, additional products are added to the tax-exemption products at tax-free program participating stores. This includes food, medicines and cosmetics.
* There are some restrictions and conditions depending on the type of products for tax-exemption purchase.
(1) Consumables (foods, drinks, medicines, cosmetics, etc.) must be purchased at the same store on the same day, and the total spending must be over 5,000JPY but no greater than 500,000JPY.
(2) General goods (electric appliances, clothing, accessories, etc.) EXCEPT FOR consumables are exempt from consumption tax if purchased at the same store on the same day, and the total spending must be over 10,000JPY.
* It is not exempt from tax if purchased for business and commerce.
* Some products are prohibited to import in certain countries.

從2014 年10 月1 日開始原本免稅對象外的食品、藥品、化妝品等消耗品也可以免稅購買。
* 根據種類不同,購買條件有所不同。
- 同一天在同一家免稅店內,購買金額超過5,000 日元且在50 萬日元(含50 萬日元)之內的商品。
(2)壹般商品(家用電器、服飾、包等,消耗品之外的商品。 )
- 同一天在同一家商店內,購買金額超過10,000 日元的商品。
* 以商業目的所購商品不予免稅。
* 根據國情存在不能攜帶入境的商品。

Question2 After shopping Question 購買後應該註意什麽呢?

The store affixes a purchase proof document in your passport,
and you must keep this. This document will be collected by a custom
office at your departure from Japan. You must take the purchased
products out of Japan. For food, medicine and cosmetics,
the package must be kept unbroken.

Question3 : Who cans shop tax-free?
Visitors with a temporary stay status are eligible for tax-free shopping.
* Japanese citizens are not eligible.
* Not eligible if you are working in Japan.
* Not eligible if staying in Japan more than six months.

並且購買的免稅商品必須帶出國外。關於食品 、 藥品 、 化妝品等消耗品需包裝完好,不可開封。


* 在日本工作的人員不能享受免稅待遇
* 在日停留期間為6 個月以上的外國人,不能享受免稅服務。

Question3 How to shop tax-free? 怎樣才可以免稅購物

Show your passport at the check-out counter,
and sign the purchase proof document.



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