Wild Rides in Kamakura

If you are ever looking for that ultimate traditional Japanese experience, look no further than a trip to Kamakura. There are countless activities to fill your interests in Kamakura, including experiencing the outstanding larger than life Buddha, walking amongst the time-honored temples, sampling the customary food, and acquiring the crafts specific to the region. Above and beyond this, there is the opportunity to actually take a traditional rickshaw ride operated by strong and enduring locals.

Although the traditional rickshaw is often depicted to be of Chinese or South-Pacific origin in the movies, in actuality it is a Japanese invention from 1869 from inventors Izumi Yosuke, Takayama Kosuke, and Suzuki Tokujiro. To myself, and I believe many westerners, rickshaw rides are quintessential experiences to be had whilst experiencing the Asian culture. In stark contradiction, many Asian governments have often banned rickshaws as they are deemed as antiquated 3rd world entities that give the world a backwards impression of their society.

I would have to disagree with this notion of disapproval for rickshaws. I believe that these implemented into a modern society with fair compensation to its employees can really add a lot of character and unique experiences to the community. Even in places like San Diego California you will see ‘pedicabs’ everywhere with a sole driver peddling away pulling people to their destination. It’s fun, gets you outdoors, and is certain to make memories which will last!

*For about a thirty minute ride around the beautiful city you can expect to pay around ¥6500-¥7000. Tickets can be bought at the Kamakura Rickshaw ticket window at JR Kamakura Station West.

by Alex

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