Food Delivery Systems of Japan

With the engaged city life that many may find while living here in Japan, city problems are to arise. One of these problems that may occur may well be food; how to get it, pre-cooked and prepared, organic, gluten-free, and so on. Although the concept of food delivery is nothing novel, in Tokyo, the largest mega-city in the world, the art of delivery has truly been perfected.

So I see food delivery divided into two categories, groceries, and food that is ready to eat. So first let’s look at food ready to eat. Options are endless in Japan as to the food that can be delivered. In many hotels, or apartment complexes by the neatly organized rubbish containers you will usually find a place where you are to place the plastic bento trays that you will often get with the delivery of your food. The restaurants will send someone around to pick them up the following day.

Now one of the coolest things that I have seen is the ramen delivery mopeds that actually have shocks mounted to the back so the soup doesn't splash around so much; wow! Restaurant competition is on the rise and there are many business doing delivers these days besides just the pizza, even McDonald's has jumped aboard on the delivery. There are also many apps that allow you to order almost any food that their service will pick up and deliver to you for a nominal fee such as with https://www.maishoku.com/en/

Now there are always the little corner-stores to go to with the limited selections, and then there are the bigger grocery stores with the enhanced selections, yet are often further away and may require a public transport where you have to lug all of your items around. You might be looking for something very specific for your dietary health need, or personal eating options, and if so there are some very good systems in place to help you out. One of the simplest ways is to use one of the many online grocery ordering services where you click, order, and a box is at your door hassle free with everything that you need. Some of the top sites that you may want to check out are https://www.oisix.com/... http://www.radishbo-ya.co.jp/ ... http://www.pal-system.coop/goannai/pages_cls/

Food has never been so all the rage with the variety available at your fingertips. Whatever your desires may be, they can be met here in Japan. One of the main things that I have learned from being in Japan is that there are no problems, just solutions. So dig in; itadakimasu.

by Alex

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