Delicious Sushi Adventure in Shibuya

This week I went to the small sushi izakaya Tamagawa in Shibuya for the first time. I had the opportunity to speak with the sushi chef. This is the chef's advice for really enjoying sushi:
- Eat each piece of sushi in one bite.
- Use your hands to eat sushi instead of chopsticks if you want.
- Try different kinds of fish and seafood.

I took the chef's advice and ordered the sushi set. The chef made 10 different pieces of seasonal sushi in front of me at the counter and let me try them one by one. Everything was delicious and I enjoyed the experience to taste different flavours. Only after I finished a piece the chef gave me the next one and it was fun to see what I got each time.

Like Tamagawa's chef I recommend that you try different kinds of sushi and that you eat the seasonal products available. The chef selects all ingredients at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market himself with care. Some things like anago (conger eel), ika (squid), and maguro (tsuna) you are likely to see on the menu throughout the year. And then there will always be some seasonal sushi as well.

Tamagawa is a small shop with over 40 years of history. Sitting at the counter you can watch the sushi chef at work. I went here by myself and can recommend this very friendly and tasty place for solo travellers. If you come with friends there are two tables seating four.

With the sushi I had hot green tea the chef prepared for me. There are also four types of sake on the menu, all pure rice wines. Next time I would like to try some with my friend.

About this shop

Tamagawa Sushi is located on Hyakkendana close to Shibuya station in Tokyo. Hyakkendana is a small sidestreet off Dogenzaka street. From Mark City Dogenzaka exit turn right and walk downhill. After 2 minutes you will see Hyakkendana on the opposite side of the street. A small red arch marks its entrance. Tamagawa Sushi is in one of the first buildings on the right side.

Everything here is very good value. Seasonal sushi set with 10 pieces is 2,500 yen, a selection of five types of sashimi 1,500 yen. Most other menu items are around 800 yen, including deep-fried shrimp and grilled flounder. Beer is 500 yen and sake 550 yen.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays 17:00 - 24:00, last order 23:30. English menu available



by David

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