Self-Pouring Beer Machines

You may have noticed in your local ramen shop or corner eatery the little automated machine in the back that is pouring beer into mugs like soda gets filled into different cup sizes in a McDonalds. One stark difference in these custom machines is that these machines actually tilt back and forth as to dispense the perfect pour and not have a vessel filled with foam. This is a huge time saver for the sole employee holding down the front of a shop, or for any establishment that wishes to dispense beer without the hassle and time consumption of standing trying to pour a full glass without wasting in the process.

Everyone I have talked to about the machine so far loves it! With pressing a few buttons, the server simply selects the size of the mug that is to be placed below, the type of beer to be dispensed, if there is more than one, and then it’s go time! The frosty glasses are tilted back, filled, and when they are lowered again it is time to be server to the anxiously awaiting customer.

Although a simple thing, this is a fairly new technology that I have not seen outside of Japan before. Growing up I was a bartender who spent much wasted time pouring beers and waiting for the foam to subside, so this equipment certainly caught my attention. Although I have only seen these machines equipped to serve two glasses at a time, I can only imagine what might progress, especially with demand in bigger arenas with hundreds of pouring options. Kampai

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