Ginza Ogura at Haneda Airport

Ginza Ogura provides an opportunity to enjoy fluffy and crisp tempura and seasonal food.

Haneda’s international terminal has an impressive selection of good restaurants in a nicely designed area called the Edo Market Place, although they are all relatively expensive. Once you check in your luggage, you will have free time to wonder and have a meal before boarding the plane.

You may have heard of oden before arriving in Japan, or seen several ingredients floating in a bath soy sauce flavored broth at convenience stores. This traditional snack is popular especially during cold winter season, and Ogura is the place to sample the range of flavors. They have a very popular main store in Ginza (always crowded with residents and tourists) and have a branch store inside Haneda.

My husband ordered Oden set meal. The oden broth is lightly seasoned, not the intense soy broth that is usually found in the Tokyo area. They offer the unique combination of Kansai (Kyoto) and Kanto (Tokyo). Their broth is Kyoto based and their ingredients are popular ones in the Tokyo area.

I had a Tendon. Tendon is crisp tempura laid over a bed of rice, covered in a delicious light soy dressing and makes a great evening meal. Their tendon tasted so good. I enjoyed their fluffy and crisp tempura freshly cooked upon an order. They had shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura (egg plants, enoki mashroom and green peppers). Crispy crunchy tempura on rice is simply delicious!!

by EmiOnishi

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