Join the Tokyo Harvest Festival in Roppongi

Autumn is the season of the harvest in Japan!

We have traditional customs to thank for a successful harvest on the autumn. As harvest of each year becomes important stock for the country to survive, it is said the customs started about 1,500 year ago. November 23 is designated as a national holiday called “Labor Thanksgiving Day". Autumn is the season for healthy appetites. A time to indulge in the bounty of the harvest and we should nourish ourselves eating delicious foods! Japanese people will enjoy tasting seasonal foods because everything is good in its season and they taste the best. As this is proven by dietetic research, I strongly recommend you should check seasonal foods and try them during your stay in Japan.


Tokyo Harvest Festival at Roppongi Hills

The great harvest festival will be held again this year to deliver our respect and gratitude to farmers and fishers across the country! Seasonal taste treats are getting together throughout Japan and waiting for you to explore Japanese food culture for 2 days on November 8 and 9. Approximately 30,000 people joined the event last year and one of our Senpai writers, Ruthie is serving as an ambassador this year.

Tokyo Harvest Official site: http://www.tokyoharvest.com
English site: http://www.tokyoharvest.com/english.html#firstPage

農家・漁師・酪農家などの生産者さんへの感謝と尊敬の気持ちをかたちにして伝えたいという想いから設立された「東京ハーヴェスト実行委員会」は、各地から集まった秋の収穫物を共に楽しんでいただき、日本の食文化を再発見するイベント「東京ハーヴェスト」を、本年 11 月 8 日(土)、9 日(日)の 2 日間、六本木ヒルズアリーナにて開催します。(昨年は約3万人が参加)。

六本木ヒルズアリーナに 2 日間限定の畑が出現!秋の味覚の収穫体験ができます。また、マルシェでは多くの生産者と触れ合うことができます。

November 8th (Sat) 11:00~19:00
November 9th (Sun) 11:00~18:00
Roppongi Hills Arena etc.

What you can experience at the events:

- Taste great seasonal foods in the autumn
Seasonal taste treats are waiting for you in farm’s market booths and kitchen cars. You can enjoy their limited specialties.
- Experience the place of production in Tokyo
They will create real farms in the Roppongi Hills arena just for two days during the event. You can experience farming in the middle of Tokyo metropolis! It is also fun to directly communicate with farmers across the country.
November 8th (Sat) 11:00~19:00
November 9th (Sun) 11:00~18:00
Roppongi Hills Arena

by Eddie

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