Sweet Tokyo Skytree Souvenirs from Solamachi Mall

Solamachi "Sky City" Mall at Tokyo Skytree is one of the best places to go shopping for Tokyo souvenirs. This is a very big nice shopping mall with over 300 stores. There are many restaurants and cafes here as well. You could spend a rainy day inside.

Solamachi is also very easy to find. It sits at the base of Tokyo Skytree. Take a look at the Solamachi floor guide and access here

Solamachi is the perfect place to buy something cute. Popular characters Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty have their own shops here and there is a Moomin House Cafe. Many stores here sell limited edition items with Tokyo Skytree designs that you cannot buy anywhere else.

My favourite area of Solamachi is the food section on 2F. It is like one of the famous Japanese department store basement food sections, the depachika, just not underground. Many small shops here sell freshly prepared foods and snacks. You might want to try a few breads, gyoza, and sweets here instead of going to one of the restaurants.

On this floor you can also buy a lot of fun souvenirs. Some of the edible souvenirs you should eat quickly, but others like the small chocolate Skytrees might travel better. How about eating a Skytree baguette or eclair? Taking a bite out of Tokyo's iconic tower might make you feel like Godzilla on the attack.

by David

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