Be a princess during the feudal era in Authentic Japanese Kimono

The kimono is famous worldwide as a national costume in Japan and many tourists who visit Japan would like to try on a kimono or purchase one. However, a genuine kimono is very expensive. Besides, the maintenance is difficult and the dressing skill is needed.
Kimono Photo Studio WA offers a portrait sitting with luxury kimonos at a reasonable price. All of their authentic Japanese kimonos are hand-selected by professional kimono makers and weaved from genuine silk. The style of their kimonos is called "Uchikake", which was the popular style worn by aristocratic women living in castles during the feudal era. Even Japanese women do not wear this style of kimono often.
The studio is located 1 minute walking distance from Meguro station, Tokyo. You can receive the prints and digital images when you leave. Also, you can taste green Matcha tea and relax there after your photo session.

Here are more photos!

The price is from JPY6,800+tax/person~ For more information, here is the website.

If you have any questions, please email me here.

Please enjoy your kimono experience!

by skymaho

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