Japan's Money Men and Women (Part 2 of 2)

¥5000: Ichiyo Higuchi

Ichiyo Higuchi (May 2, 1872 – November 23, 1896) is the pen name of Japanese author Natsu Higuchi, also known as Natsuko Higuchi. She was a short story writer, and Japan's first prominent writer. Although she died very young, at 24, her stories have had a massive impact on Japanese literature and is still respected today.

Between 1984 and 2004, Inazo Nitobe (September 1, 1862 – October 15, 1933) was observed on the ¥5000 note (see image right, above). He was a prominent Japanese agricultural economist, author, educator, diplomat, and politician during the pre-World War II period.

¥10000: Yukichi Fukuzawa

Yukichi Fukuzawa (January 10, 1835 – February 3, 1901) appears on Japan's highest denomination, the ¥10000 note. He was an Enlightenment thinker of the Meiji period. Fukuzawa learned English on his own, and went on to become an author, teacher, translator, entrepreneur and journalist. In 1868, he founded Keio-Gijuku University, and is regarded as one of the founders of modern Japan.

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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