Toyota started by the name of Toyoda making loom

Not a car person? You'll still be interested!!

Relatives came to Nagoya from out of town.
Wanted to give an experience of Nagoya.
What comes to mind… Nagoya Castle, Osu shrine, TV tower, Yamachan . . .

My relatives is interested in history and has seen Nagoya Castle in the past.

So we decided to go to Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

Located next to Sano Station, next stop from Nagoya station.
500yen entry and at 2PM there is an English speaking guide.

Inside there's over 4000 exhibition pieces and actual demonstrations explaining each step from how cotton is made into string, then how loom is made.

Hold on...

Yes that’s right the world known car maker Toyota started off by making loom in late 1800’s

You will experience where loom was first made from wood and iron to fully automated machinery.
Sakichi Toyoda fonder of Toyoda later to be known as Toyota is selected as one of the 10 greatest inventors in Japan.

Kiichiro Toyoda the son of Sakichi Toyoda took on the company. Later made a large decision from his father’s work turing the Loom manufacturing to automobile manufacturing.
Later on renamed known as Toyota Motor Corporation.

There is a special event area of Kiichiro Toyoda called “The Dream of Kiichiro” open till December.
Story of how he started by putting an engine on a bike to manufacturing the Toyoda AA. The first passenger car Toyoda made also in photo.

You’ll get the best out of your 500yen at the Toyota Commemorative Museum.


by Yuuki I