Mt. Hanamiyama - Hanamiyama Park - Fukushima City

Enjoy a hike or a leisurely stroll

Mt. Hanamiyama is a park on the slopes surrounding a rural farming neighborhood just outside of central Fukushima. It is a satoyama, a forested hill district close to a rural community. This is a wonderful setting where you can enjoy a hike or a leisurely stroll among the cherry trees and colorful flowers. There is a visitor center and a farm produce market where you can purchase such delights as cherry blossom jam and hand-made items such as coasters. From the visitor center, you can experience a pleasant walk along flower lined paths to the cherry blossom covered slopes. There are three courses from which to choose. The first is a 30 minute course, the second is a 45 minute course and the third is a 60 minute course. From the mountain top viewing area, you can see Azuma Mountains with its snow covered peaks. No matter which course you choose to follow, you will enjoy the serene rural beauty of color. I was there in late April and was inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounded me and was touched by the kindness of the community residents. Enjoy!

by Dolores

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